Someday I will blog.  I will perhaps tell the internet about my feelings, like wishing people were always fair, or kind, or that everyone would stop to appreciate the beauty available to them free of charge.

When I am down I try to start my day with gratitude.  What small thing can I be thankful for?  Is it the color of the sky?  Or if it’s raining, the sound hitting the roof?  Coffee? When I begin in this place I gain perspective to start out positively.

Posted by:Angelina Odievich

Angelina is the 5th generation descendant of Colorado pioneers. Her father's family settled in the Golden area in 1858 and Rawhide Churches ran a stage stop. Her mother's family came to Colorado with Spanish missionaries in the early 1800's and married into the Native American community. She is proud to trace her ancestry back to Thomas McKean, the first Governor of Pennsylvania and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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