I look at the world in its entirety – the day and the night, the sacred and the profane, the precious and the discarded. Duality inspires me. Most of us are more comfortable having things be one way or the other— right or wrong, good or bad. I embrace dissonance rather than recoiling from it, if even for a moment.

I work in technology by day, purposeful, driven, results oriented.  By night I create art, purposeful, wandering, timeless. My work is progressive, futuristic, imaginative, the thrill of providing “what could be.”

My art is a vehicle for deeper thoughts about the dichotomy in our world, interesting and repulsing, comfortable but uneasy. I make beautiful things that tell you secrets but might make you want to look away.

My muse lives in discarded materials, once valued now unwanted. Much of my art is made from a library of cultural fodder with seemingly nothing in common. Icons and items of silver, gold plate, cheap plastic, glass, or semiprecious stones, new or vintage, once treasure, now trash are on the palate. I resurrect these items to understand the value, to hold their flaws, to honor their past here in the present.