Thank you for looking at my design portfolio, it is an abbreviated gallery but will give you an idea of work I’ve done over the years. If you’re more curious about recent work let’s talk.  I’m always managing 3-20 projects of various scale.

Or if you want to look at more; download an offline copy of the Bot Building Handbook a 38-page guide on how to build your own Power Virtual Agent, review the aiPAB case study, an interesting look into a diverse spectrum of data & AI projects across different industries, organizational sizes, and geographies or check out AMD and Microsoft’s collaboration on lightning-fast general purpose computing.

Design and Optimization Consultant  |  UE and Content Designer  |  Brand Manager  |  Sales Enablement Marketing Manager  |  Event Producer  |  GTM Manager  |  Entrepreneur

I am a versatile, thoughtful creative person who has worn many hats in the design and technology space.  This allowed me to be visionary, to mentor smart people, art direct, collaborate with and train dozens of groups on various projects.

For example: as Brand and Content Manager for Microsoft International flagship homepage, one of the 20 largest corporate websites worldwide. I managed multiple weekly or sometimes daily content and design updates intrinsic to this exciting fast paced environment.

As an event producers not only did I organize logistics but art directed and designed the overall content BoM, produced collateral and presentation template and project managed from start to finish. I intrinsically provide thought leadership and risk management to preserve credibility and integrity in everything I do.

I’ve worked with cutting-edge go to market projects and sales enablement like BDM and TDM sales decks, datasheets, roadmaps, incentive programs, trainings, video games, give aways, marketing BoMs, parties, sales summits,  and executive presentations that lead to massive platform sales, conducted usability studies – that’s a long list. I am good at understanding complex ideas and simplifying them so anyone can understand them and actually enjoy learning about them!

I’ve traveled the world, raised a family and played video games.  I am proud to have been a working Mom who balanced kids with keeping up with technology.  I’m curious about where we’ll take VR next, what the impact of AI will be and where gamification will lead us.

But enough about me, what do you need? Are you looking for a team player who communicates effectively, plays nice with globally distributed teams, listens with compassion, and can tell your story?

I’d also suggest looking over LinkedIn profile.