I have been self-employed here’s why: I wanted to raise my kids with integrity and the flexibility gigs provided, be creative and work on edgy forward-thinking projects.  I’ve achieved this and been privileged to work on projects that manifested 5 years later leading the world toward to new platforms and methodologies.  I am now actively looking for a GREAT FTE position to utilize my experience, impactful visionary ideas and the calm rational approach I have to fast paced intelligent atmospheres.

As a creative I delivered a broad range of high-quality front facing design and business solutions including web, product and demo UE/UI, print collateral, PowerPoint builds, Visio, HTML email, and brand management. 

As a Brand and Geopolitical Compliance Manager I evangelized unified brand and quality content systems across 90+ countries for Microsoft.com international. My diplomatic management approach provided review and art direction to global design teams and marketing managers that reliably mitigated risk while being constructive, positive and efficient.

I deliver on time but know how to level set within large organizations with many moving pieces, stakeholders.  Communication when I project is out of scope, exceeding budget or is worth the extra investment is something I tackle with data driven insights.

I’ve regularly provided fast turnaround print and collateral in the correct format on all types of printers on practically every imaginable surface for all types of large and small events.  I produced events whose attendees found a value use of their time.

I work seamlessly in office spaces or across digital spaces internationally.

Specialties: People Management, Project Management, Budget and Scoping, Analytics, Graphic Design, User Experience Planning, 3D prototyping and additive printing, HTLM Newsletters, Print Production and Layout, CD Images/Imprint/Cover, Messaging concepts, photography, video editing.